Exquisite Corpse for Art Licks Radio (2019)

Working with Dominic Till we took the Surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse, and curated a piece that is made up of different sounds from nine of artists, forming a public body that is interdependent, organic and realised through sound.  A mix of readings, interviews, sonic art and music; each participant was free to interpret the brief and use sound in any way they wish. Ultimately, this formed a plural body of contingent constituent parts, which, to us at least, feels like a relevant method of co-creation in the age of individualism.

Artists (in order of appearence)

Dominic Till, Joel Bell, Holly Drewett , Tamara and Yoshi Kametani, Emma-Kate Matthews, Joshua Leon, Monica Rivas Velasquez & Ben McDonnell.