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"When we recall the hours we have spent in our corners, we remember above all silence, the silence of our thoughts." Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of Space.

I view the corner as an architecturally important yet often unconsidered, abandoned space. As children we are sent to a corner to think about what we have done when we are chastised, we retreat to a corner to consider further when we have been attacked or threatened and we fight for our corners. Despite this, how much time do we spend considering this seemingly empty space? This series of images started in the domestic setting of my family home but has since spread into the wider world. The images function as a 'visual Cul De Sac' in which the viewer is drawn, a still space in which details of the detritus and dust, the light and the geometric form become increasingly important as one spends more time with the image. 12-2-16005.jpg 12-2-16010.jpg 12-2-16015.jpg 12-2-16008.jpg 12-2-16001.jpg